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When Should I Call My Dentist?


Brushing teeth is taught from childhood, but it is impossible to clean them perfectly in home conditions. That is simply because a toothbrush cannot reach all of the grooves and sides of the teeth. Even when flossing, food debris and dental plaque remain behind.


When to call the dentist?


If you wish seek for professional dental clinic, Dublin is a perfect city to look for it. Professionals will perform your check-up and carefully diagnose and address your dental problems in a tailor-made treatment plan according to which the health, comfort and appearance of your teeth will improve.


It is suggested to get a professional preventive medical check at least every 6 months. Of course, you should call the dentist if you have symptoms of cavity, which may include:


  • Pain in the tooth that occurs for no reason or is caused by food, beverages, brushing or flossing;
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks.


If you have symptoms of gum disease, you should call your dentist as well. These symptoms may include:


  • Red or swollen gums;
  • Bleeding in the gums when you bush your teeth;
  • Bad breath;
  • Loose teeth;
  • Drifting teeth.


What other services can I expect?


Professionals will take care of your teeth in dental clinic. Dublin-based clinics usually offer not only services like general dentistry, which include prevention, but orthodontic treatment, dental implantation and cosmetic dentistry.


Every smile is unique and for this reason time and skill is required to customise a treatment plan to enhance it, so that the end result can meet your expectations. Everyone interprets the definition of perfect smile differently, so you need to look for specialists that can provide you with an ideal plan of treatments required and make your smile perfect according to your own interpretation.


Do not hurry when choosing a dental clinic, Dublin has a huge variety of professional clinics to offer you.