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Chlamydia – a big danger for the health?

What is chlamydia and how it should be treated?


Chlamydia – very popular sexually transmitted disease – especially in the U.S. It is usually spread, because of not knowing that the sexual partner has it. It is hard to see symptoms, because most of them do not look dangerous ones. Chlamydia has different symptoms for women and men, so sometimes has to treated in different ways.


Most of the time chlamydia treatment starts with antibiotics, however, before starting using them, it has to be clear that the patient is sick. There are different tests, how to get results, however, most of the times doctors use a swab – from the cervix in women and the urethra in men.


Symptoms in women:


• Pain – having sex, periods or urinating. It is the first symptom that something is not right. Most of the time feeling any type of pain or discomfort – it is necessary to visit a doctor to make it sure that everything is ok.

• Bleeding between periods. Also, one of the symptom can be itching around the vagina. Chlamydia treatment has to started when there any of these symptoms. The infection will be gone in one or two weeks. However, it is important to not skip the antibiotics course.


Symptoms in men:


• Itching, burning around the penis, moreover, the pain can be felt around the testicles. The patient needs to check if there any of these symptoms. One of the way to test it – urine sample or bacteria.

• Painful urination – also can be a sigh that something is wrong. After taking the antibiotics, it is important to retake a test after 3 months. The partner has to do it, too, to be sure that both of you are safe. Chlamydia treatment has to be done again, if the results are positive.