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Chlamydia – a danger for women and men


Chlamydia is a popular disease, most of the time the treatment starts with antibiotics. However, everyone knows that antibiotics have a bad side, too. It is not good for bacteria, which are inside human body. Chlamydia treatment has to start as soon as possible to have less damage as it can be. The patient needs to be sure that he or she is sick. This is where most of people use the test and visit the doctor.


What type of tests can be?


Women and men has different tests. The urethra used for men and the cervix in women. Also, let’s not forget that it has different symptoms for both genres. Sometimes it is even hard to understand symptoms. This sexually transmitted disease is popular, because people do not know that their sexual partner has it. Chlamydia treatment has to start, when there any of the symptoms:


For women:


  • Bleeding between periods – can look not dangerous. However, it should not happen. Most of the time it comes together with itching around the vagina. It can be quickly changed, because using antibiotics, it heals after 1-2 weeks.
  • Pain – is the first symptom, which shows that something is wrong. This discomfort feels during sex, urinating or periods. Of course, the pain can be very intensive and not, the most important thing is go to the doctor place.


For men:


  • Again, a pain is symptom number 1. Feeling it, it should not be normal. Most of the time, it fells when the urination is happening.
  • Chlamydia treatment has to start, when there is burning feeling around the penis. Also, this kind of pain can be felt near to the testicles.




This process happens about 1-2 weeks. Antibiotic course can not be skipped, because the infection will not be healed. After 3 months it has to be retaken. Both of sexual partners have to be healthy.