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How to keep your mouth healthy?


Oral hygiene is very important, if you want to avoid diseases. Most of the time real sickness can be avoided by brushing teeth regularly. Also, of you want to have healthy teeth you need to visit dentist more often. At least two time a year for check-up. Root canal treatment has to be done in time, if you do not want that it would cause sickness.


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Chlamydia – a danger for women and men


Chlamydia is a popular disease, most of the time the treatment starts with antibiotics. However, everyone knows that antibiotics have a bad side, too. It is not good for bacteria, which are inside human body. Chlamydia treatment has to start as soon as possible to have less damage as it can be. The patient needs to be sure that he or she is sick. This is where most of people use the test and visit the doctor.


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