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How to keep your mouth healthy?


Oral hygiene is very important, if you want to avoid diseases. Most of the time real sickness can be avoided by brushing teeth regularly. Also, of you want to have healthy teeth you need to visit dentist more often. At least two time a year for check-up. Root canal treatment has to be done in time, if you do not want that it would cause sickness.


Tips how to take care of your teeth:


  • Electric toothbrush. It is not too expensive, however, using it for two minutes can save from plaque and food debris. However, if you are using it make sure that is on a low speed and it does not damage the gums. And it is important to remember that tooth brush head has to be changed every three months.
  • Take care of your tongue. On your tongue are a lot of bacteria and if you are not cleaning regularly it can cause a bad breath. Root canal treatment is not so painful as everyone thinks. If you do not like cleaning with brush, you can make it with a special spoon. Move it upside down.
  • No more dizzy drinks. Those kinds of drinks erode your teeth enamel and even more exposed to bacteria. If you want to have healthy teeth, try to drink more water and add some citrus fruit for a taste.
  • Forget sugar. Honey, cholate, gummies and other sticky sweets needs to be forgotten. Even after eating them is hard to brush them off. And most of the time it causes tooth decay. Root canal treatment can save from loosing teeth.


Healthy food – happy teeth


If you are really want to take care of your teeth, you need to eat carrots and greens which will help to naturally brush your teeth. Also, it can make your all body fitter and healthier.