Paskelbta Odontologija

The right daily routine for teeth


Daily dental care should took just 4 minutes in the day time. However, specialists recommend spending more time for teeth caring. Dentist open Saturday Dublin also advice to be more thoughtful about choosing the right tools for it: toothbrush, toothpaste or regular appointments at the dentist.


Why take care of teeth?


Teeth are very important, it helps us to chew food. Also, teeth are the reason, why people can talk. It represents our looking, so this is why it is essential to have healthy and well-kept teeth.


Toothbrush – what about it?


There are many choices, how to clean teeth. It can be electric, soft, with gum toothbrushes and more. Brushing is necessary, because it removes plaque. It means that without cleaning teeth and removing plaque it can cause tooth decay. Dentist open Saturday Dublin can consult about witch type of toothbrush suits patient’s teeth. Most of the time brushes should be small or medium sizes. It should be small enough to reach every place in the mouth.


How to brush in the right way?


  1. The brush should move in small circular moves for several times.
  2. Reach all the places with right, left, up and down moves.
  3. Front teeth should not be forgotten. To clean inside use the front part of brush.
  4. Tongue has to be clean too. It makes the fresh mouth smell and removes bacteria.


Avoid or use less:


  • All types of them gummy, caramel and others are the worst. Dental open Saturday Dublin suggests changing this type candies to more natural one with less sugar. The reason why avoid candies, is that they get sticky to teeth and gives for bacteria a right thing to make tooth decay. To make it less damaging, it is important to clean tooth after eating it.
  • Acidic drinks. Everyone knows that coffee, soda or sparkly drinks are the reason of eroding teeth. So it is better to drink with a straw, to have less contact with teeth.